Personal training in tenerife south

Is your goal…

-losing weight and/or getting in shape?
-building muscle mass and the physique of your dreams?
-obtaining healthy habits through creating a sustainable & enjoyable lifestyle?
I can help!


I work with both women and men to reach their maximum potential both physically and mentally! with eight years of experience as a coach, nutritionist, personal trainer and bodybuilding competitor, i can support you in all aspects of building and maintaining a lifestyle thats tailored to you and you only. Because something will only be sustainable in the long run if we enjoy it and love it!


I offer in-person training and coaching in tenerife, as well as online coaching for people all over the world 🌍🌎🌏 (if youre interested in online coaching, click here!).

with all plans & packages: receive a free e-book of 60 pages that covers the basics of nutrition, with recipe ideas. personalised meal plans also available. for more information please get in touch. 
First in-person assessment free: let’s discuss your goals, build a strategy and talk about approaches that best fits you!

Plans - best value


Looking forward to be working with you!

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