Feelings > Health? The toxic side of body positivity

Today, obesity is one of the leading cause of premature death. Around 70% of the worlds population is overweight or obese.

Vegetables- the more the better?

When it comes to food, there are some cases when too much of a “good” thing can become a “bad” thing.

Weightloss is not linear and it is completely normal

Weight-loss isn’t linear, it is not consistent and regular, which can be frustrating and de-motivating when your are on a weightloss journey. Good weeks followed by bad weeks, unexplainable ups and downs…

How much should I weigh? What is the “normal” body weight?

“Ideal” body weight is often based on what we see promoted through media and social media. However, bodyweight does not always related to how a person looks at a certain weight.

Nutritionist vs. dietitian

In this article, we dispel the fog of the difference between the “nutritionist” and the “dietitian” professions.

Carb talk

Good carbs, bad carbs. Where did this come from?! Carbohydrates are the body’s primary energy source, and are a crucial part of a well-balanced diet.

Macro counting or meal plan

Macro counting or meal plan based coaching. What do they mean and which one is better? I get this question so often, so let’s get it!

What does online coaching mean?

Online coaching is a relatively new in the health and fitness industry, but thanks to the incomparable benefits…

Scale weight- does it matter?!

We are so obsessed with getting on the scale every day, or even multiple times a day. We believe scale weight determines wether we look good or not. Wether we lost weight or didn’t. But is it really that important?

Set up your metabolism for success

“But my metabolism is too slow”– The excuse of many many yo-yo dieter out there. The truth is,…

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