Fit or healthy. Fit AND healthy!

The majority of people do sports and follow a diet to look good, but we are trying so hard to fit in, that sometimes we forget about our health. Self love is very important nowadays. There are many factors out there that make us loose our self confidence and see ourselves as something we do not like or want. This always has been and is the main reason for people to try to change their lifestyle, or to start dieting. In reality fitness and health should come in one package. But is having less food and do some cardio enough to change our body image and stay healthy in the same time?

Being fit

Fit people look good. They can have abs and round butts. But are they healthy? We can’t be sure of that.

Being healthy

Healthy peoples body works in an optimal way in every level- nervous, muscular, lymphatic, hormonal, etc…

The main focus should always be to stay healthy. If you adapt healthy habits, the rest will follow. As my motto says: “The interior and exterior beauty begins on your plate.” Or I could say “you are what you eat”. In the end of the day your lean physique will worth nothing, if it cost your health.

Balanced nutrition is the way to go. This fact cannot be stressed enough: if we fuel our bodies right, it will be glowing inside and outside. To do that, you need to eat all three macronutrients, carbs, fats and protein, and make sure you get enough of all the essential micronutrients, vitamins and minerals. Appreciate and love yourself and study your body’s needs. There are tons of reliable sources on the internet on this, or you can get a coach to educate you and lead you onto the right path. Health can build fitness, but not the vica-versa.

The optimal balance of health and fitness is achieved by combining good nutrition with adequate physical activity. It is a 100% nutrition, and a 100% physical activity. And by physical activity we do not mean 6 x 1.5 hours of gym weight training + cardio per week, but basic movements like a good morning walk or cycling to work. Unfortunately, all of this is left out of the lives of many of us because of the evolving infrastructure. And the most busy business people are able to put in 3-4 x 15 minutes exercises a week, so the excuse that “I don’t have time” doesn’t exist. It just depends on how much you want it.

How do you know, if your nutrition is not right?

You are most probably on a nutritionally poor diet, if on a long run, you are feeling:

Lethargic | Jittery | Moody | Fatigued | Hungry | Weak | Unhappy with your body image

When we are younger, we tend to take our body and health for granted. Your day-to-day well-being not only makes an impact on your present, but determines how well you’ll age. Nobody likes to talk about getting older, but the sooner you think about your future well being, the more beautiful and fit old age will await you. To be healthy, you need to set all the variables right: nutrition, regular exercise, quality sleep, mindfulness, a healthy lifestyle overall. It is an all or nothing deal, but it is rewarding. You will see little changes on yourself inside and outside from time to time, that you will love, and you will also take a lot fewer sick days as your health and immune system gets stronger in the process, so your boss will be happy too!

If you have any doubts about your eating or lifestyle habits, just contact me, and I will happily assist you. -Lita

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