Why fad diets don’t work

I can totally relate to when someone is trying to get in shape going on unrealistic, only cabbage- like diets and jumping from one to the other. If you have ever done this, you are not alone, as I once was that person too. But the truth is, most of the time the only thing these diets result in is being extremely hungry, impatient and tired, leaving you without progress and devastated.

There are hundreds of fad diets promising unreasonably quick results on the internet, in magazines, even on the TV, without absolutely no scientific background, yet, they make so many people believe that is going to help them achieve their goals. They are all popular for a while, until people realize they do not actually work. These diets, most of the time focusing on one key ingredient or supplement. One of my family members used to do this cabbage- only diet, for months on and off, eating cabbage soup three times a day and nothing but cabbage soup. It supposedly speeds up metabolism, and will result in weightloss. She probably every weekend found herself eating a huge batch of Nutella, and loaves of bread because her nervous system could not take the lack of nutrients anymore and she was just craving everything that got in her way. And then she’d start it again as of Monday, hoping that the beach body will come.

Changing your body image will only happen with changing your lifestyle overall. And this is one of the reasons why these diets do not work, or even if you lose a few pounds, it will damage your health in the process, and once you are off the diet, you will probably gain that weight, or even more back. These diets are short-term so called solutions, offering -10kg in 2weeks, or sharp ABS in 10 days. You have to commit yourself in order to achieve big things, and this is true for absolutely everything in life, so for changing your body image. You have to think long term, and you gotta be consistent. These diets are also very unbalanced, normally very low in calories, lacking the key micro- and macronutrients, and because of this reason it often leads to extreme fatigue, weakness, hunger, negatively affecting your mental and physical well being. Your body needs so many nutrients in order to mentally and physically work properly, or even to sleep well. Who likes to fall asleep hungry, ha? -not me…

Not to mention the mindset it forces you to have: NO. These restrictive diets are all about what you can’t have. If not in the beginning, but after a while it makes you unhappy, and want them “forbidden foods” more than ever which leads to the ultimate failure– you might even weigh more than before you started dieting and most probably after that you will begin yo-yo dieting. After the failed trendy-diets it is only a matter of time until you to realise that nor the mediterranean diet nor eating brown sugar instead of white will help you achieve your health and body goals. 

So what is it that really works?

First, you have to understand the importance of nutrients, and you have to have a healthy relationship with food. Learning a healthy mindset and way of eating will 100% work long term and your body will be forever grateful.

  • Variety in our diets is very important. Your body DOES NEED them carbs too, to have energy for your daily routine. Fats are essential for your hormonal balance and so much more. Such as protein, fats and carbs are needed too, to basically exist. And the list continues with the dozens of vitamins and minerals you need every day. 
  • You can start changing your relationship with food by portion control. You have to eat how much your body acutally needs and not how much makes you feel full and “happy”. 
  • You can start introducing more whole foods in your diet, such as fruits, vegetables, and whole grains. 
  • You should also eat more frequently, in order to maintain your blood sugar levels throughout the day. Eating smaller meals every 4-5 hours will also help you not to feel hungry and think about rubbish food. 
  • You have to get creative in the kitchen. There are so many possible healthy- low calorie, nutritious snacks you can make within minutes, you can not even imagine. And they are yummy, I promise. 
  • When you are on the roll, you can start meal prepping. Planning is key to success. If you already have everything ready, there is less possibility of binge eating, and it also keeps you motivated. 
  • Getting a coach or even a friend to join you on your lifestyle changing journey can be what leads you to success. To have support, feedback is always the strongest motivation. This way you have to prove to yourself and to someone else, who is expecting you to do well, and even though it sounds like an extra responsibility to take on, this brings most of the people to the road of success. -Lita

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